tax lien - Posted by Richard Gaona

Posted by Bill H on September 19, 2006 at 10:08:10:

Only two ways that I know of that the tax lien will go away;

  1. Go down and pay the tax collector.

  2. Wait until it comes up at the tax sale and buy it there (another way of paying it)

Taxes to the municipal agencies do not go away and are not wiped from title by anything other than payment or tax sale.

Texas being a tax deed state, if you go to the sale and are the successful bidder you will be the owner subject to the right of redemption which can be either six months or 24 months.

The property not being built out and never having been occupied I would think that it would be six months.

Good Luck,
Bill H

tax lien - Posted by Richard Gaona

Posted by Richard Gaona on September 19, 2006 at 02:36:12:

Newbie, need what to do, have rehab home Mission Tx area appraise at $90.000 have a tax lien on it for $9.000 Whent to bank could not help me, reason house was started but never finish and also becouse bad credit, rehab approx. $70.000 ARV $185.000 low $235.000 Any advice as what to do will greatly appreciated