Tax lien/deed investing - Posted by K MCDONALD

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on July 15, 2002 at 24:56:28:

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I do not know. You might check the state laws relating to tax lien investing and collection of delinquent property taxes for any states in which you are considering investing. State statutes are on many websites.

Even if there were some minimum age to invest in tax liens, it would still be possible to do it. One would simply have a trusted somebody else be the person whose name goes on the documents. This could be a parent or other relative or perhaps an attorney. This might require some payment to the person.

When one invests in tax liens, one will have to sign some documents from time to time, such as releasing the lien in order to get one’s money back after the delinquent taxes have been paid. There may be some law that a minor can not sign such a document. Or, if it requires notarization, that it can only be notarized if the signatory, you, were an adult.

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Tax lien/deed investing - Posted by K MCDONALD

Posted by K MCDONALD on July 13, 2002 at 21:53:05:

are their ang age requirements when
investing in tax liens/deeds
such as a mimum age ?