tax lien certificates - Posted by Geraldine

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on July 21, 2002 at 19:34:12:


Since you are considering investing in many different states, I recommend that you buy John Beck’s “Free and Clear” program on tax sales and tax lien investing. You can find it for sale at website. About $50, with shipping and handling. He covers every state, the possessions, and all of the Canadian Provinces. A teriffic value, in my opinion.

If you search for “tax lien” on the search function at the top of this CREONLINE.COM website main bulletinboard, you will find some more reading to educate you.

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tax lien certificates - Posted by Geraldine

Posted by Geraldine on July 21, 2002 at 01:02:29:

Hi Guys

I have not quite finished Joel S. Moskowitz’s “The 16% Solution”. The opportunities in Tax Lien Certificates interests me greatly. I know that the book is nearly 10 years old. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a current list of which States offer tax liens? Other needed information would include; what each states rate of interest are, and the redemption period, and other useful information.

I am planning is trip for later this year or early next, for the specific purpose of purchasing Certificates. Anyone have any info on other good reads?