Success !!!! - Posted by DaveG

Posted by Laure on November 06, 1998 at 06:08:00:

I think that there should be a law: vacations and seminars allowed for real estate investors only. All others should work 52 weeks a year !!!

hehehe. It really interferes with our money !!!
I had a similar experience this summer. I just wanted to SCREAM !!!


Success !!! - Posted by DaveG

Posted by DaveG on November 05, 1998 at 23:53:34:

Finally did it, yeeehah!!

Ok we had bought a prop on contract. $300 down.
I negotiated
a 3k discount for cash within 12 months.
It took f_o_r_e_v_e_r to get it refinanced
for various reasons all coming from the
Murphy’s Law principle. First was a holiday (Labor Day)
then mortgage brokers assistant got sick for a week,
the broker was nowwhere to be found, another in that office
took our app, he was working forty other loans (so he said)
on the day of the appraisal I showed up to show her the
prop only to find the new roof job leaked (arrrrghh!!)
put on a dog and pony show for her that worked, the appraisal
came in only 1k less than requested.
So we are approved, only the designated closer for
the mortgage company is at a week long seminar, she
gets back, our paperwork from the broker is wrong,
we canned his behind,(saved us $1500) by the time we have our
paperwork right, the closer is now on vacation
for a week.
She comes back, we’re ready. Th

Re: Success !!! - Posted by Jill NJ

Posted by Jill NJ on November 06, 1998 at 09:05:20:

I guess I am just not good with this board - what happened to the rest of this post and how do I read it? I can only see up to the sentence “She comes back. We’re ready. Th” what am I doing wrong here?
Thanks Jill