Strike while the iron is hot? - Posted by Karen (NY)

Posted by Gerry on December 30, 1998 at 16:23:45:

If you have gotten a positive response then definitely strike while the iron is hot!

Even if you physically can’t make it to see the property for a few days, you should close for an appointment while you have the prospect on the phone.By imposing artificial “lag time” you run the following risks:

  1. The prospect may talk himself out of doing a L/O.

  2. A significant other may do the same.

  3. He may feel that you are not serious or are playing games. This obviously damages your rapport.

  4. Somebody else gets your deal!

Remember the Golden Rule. (not the one where he who has the gold makes the rules!)

Best Wishes


Strike while the iron is hot? - Posted by Karen (NY)

Posted by Karen (NY) on December 30, 1998 at 13:35:43:

Hi experts! Got a quick question for you. After through study of Bill Bronchick’s LO workshop, I’ve begun making calls. I had two interested sellers on my first two calls!! Their properties weren’t deals, but I got some practice talking about LO and some confidence.

Anyway, here’s my question. Is it best to call people on days where you can make an appointment and dash right out and see them if they’re interested? Or is a couple of days lag time ok? With New Year’s coming up tomorrow and Friday and a BIG snow expected over the weekend, I might not be able to get together with sellers until next week. Is is better to wait until Monday to call at all? In your experience, does lag time get them more excited or apprehensive?

Happy New Year and thanks!