Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by Russ WhitneyPR

Posted by Christine on June 17, 2001 at 10:29:09:

I learned that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by Russ WhitneyPR

Posted by Russ WhitneyPR on June 09, 2001 at 07:19:55:


Your comments seem to be ‘your’ opinion. As an individual and an executive at the Russ Whitney Companies for 10 years, I disagree with you 100%.

However, I respect your opinion. Not everyone is going to like 100% of anything. Half like Bush, half liked Gore. Some people like the Baptist Church, some like Catholosism.

If it is your opinion that the Whitney Education Group exists for the sole reason to ‘sell’ you or the general public, ‘one more thing’, so be it. No matter what logic for our company philosophy (and mission), we probably could not appease you or change your opinion.

I guess, based on your statements that the Church exists and only has the next service to upsell its parishioners to the next Sunday for yet another donation.

I guess one could take the position that Microsoft only exists to upsell you to the next updated version of Windows (XP is out, you know).

I guess one could take the position that Creonline only exists to sell you one more home study course, or to sell you on ‘one more convention’.

…and on and on.

Do we have a marketing and sales program designed to sell our courses? Of course. Is it our sole reason to be in business? Don’t be ridiculous. We understand the student and have a number of qualifying methods. However, those methods do not include being God.

We do not pre-judge and pick, as you would suggest (who can attend our training) based on race, color creed, body odor, religious belief, shoes worn (new or old), personal hygiene, etc.

It is our policy to qualify people for our programs based on their experience, goals, wants and desires. And, contrary to what you say, I think we do a pretty good job at it.

Do we err from time to time, yes. We have about 250 employees and see some 4,000 to 6,000 perspective students per week. An error from time to time is not only possible, but probable. We do have scrutinous quality control measures and try to respond to any errors in a timely fashion.

Now for you. You have said you attended several of our training programs. From your post it sounds to me like that could be our 3 day training (in your city). And perhaps ‘one’ boot camp.

Maybe you could enlighten me on which (in the field) boot camp this was and what city you attended the 3 day training in.

This way I can measure the trainer you worked with, the city and also what boot camp you took. Then if you would give me a little bit of history on your experience… How many properties do you own (apprx. will be fine), how long have you been investing, etc. ?

I will then evaluate your trainings. If you were put into a training that was too basic for you, I will consider putting you into another training that is more advanced and suited to your needs…‘Complimentary’

We want you and any of our students to be happy. If we can validate that you truly were in a class that was not suited to you, we will do everything in our power to make it right for you. Perhaps there is something else we have that might make it right.

You may answer here if you wish, or if you do not want to share this info with the world (internet), then send a direct email to - Att" Rick 0914

I will forward my post to 0914, so he knows that I have had this discussion with you.

I apologize if our training did not suit you and rest assured, if your issue is valid, I will make every attempt to make it right for you.


President - Whitney Education Group Inc.

Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by David

Posted by David on June 09, 2001 at 08:16:20:

Who are you talking to, me or Steve Cook? You seem to be answering both of us with one post. You seem to be confused… I never said anything about how your organization qualifies people to attend your boot camps or seminars. I also never said anything about attending several of your seminars.

As to your offer of another complimentary Whitney Seminar why would I want to waste the time itself to go to something that most likely will just be a further sales pitch. No… I consider the first one to be a lesson learned.


Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by alice Freese Molitor

Posted by alice Freese Molitor on July 18, 2001 at 20:08:13:

I attended one of the classes in March of 2000 at st. Louis, MIssouri. I want the money refunded that I spent on the class as none of it will work on my computer. I feel they should have told us that my computer would not support this program. A total of $1590.00 I feel was wasted and I need to get my money back.
Thank you, Alice Freese Molitor

Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by Russ Whitney PR

Posted by Russ Whitney PR on June 09, 2001 at 11:13:45:

What event did you attend? It sounds like you only attended a ‘free’ informational seminar.

If that is the case, did you expect to become a CCIM, after ‘one’ 2 hour introductory course?

When you went to see your college recruiter, did you get your MBA from the introductory session, or did you simply get enough information to decide #1 - Is this something you ‘want’ to do, now that you know something about it.

#2. Is it something you want to spend some time and energy doing.

Sounds like the problem here is not the Russ Whitney Programs.

Sounds to me like ‘you’ are confused. Hey, if you don’t like us, you have your opinion. But, let’s not blame the entire chronology of conventional education.

How about taking a little responsibility for who ‘you’ are and your likes and dislikes. Realize that is not necessarily how ‘everyone’ thinks.

Best of Luck. I’m now all done with this subject. I extended the hand to attempt to solve your issue. Now I understand clearly.

Whitney Education Group Inc.

Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by Christine

Posted by Christine on June 17, 2001 at 10:26:17:

It sounds as though he didn’t get an introduction, just a selling speel. He obviously didn’t get information to help for a decision only, you need to buy this now, did you give any information that didn’t cost anything?

Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by daryl

Posted by daryl on June 11, 2001 at 06:16:04:

John Reed says if Whitney is suing him, you must first file papers. Posting it on the web does not make it true. The “solution” is to stop posting here…Russ.

Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on June 09, 2001 at 13:07:55:

If you are trying to win any converts to Whitney you might want to do it in a way other than to insult everyone. I know I would never purchase anything from the Whitney Co. just on the basis of how you have acted in here.

Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by David

Posted by David on June 09, 2001 at 12:32:31:

RB, (What’s the matter???Afraid to post your full name?)

FYI I attended the 1500 dollar “Basic Training” and as I said it was a waste of money. I have learned much more for free here at CREonline than I did for 1500 dollars.

The record shows that you offered me a complimentary seminar for free and the record also shows I turned it down because why in the world would I want to waste anymore time and effort with an organization like yours that sees it customers not as people to help but as cash cows to be milked for everything they are worth.
If you think I am the only person to feel this way about the Whitney organization you had better open your eyes. Your repeutation is just a little better than William McKorkle in RE training circles in case you haven’t noticed. The only difference is that you are not breaking the law like he did but are only unethical.



Re: Steve Cook/Russ Whitney- Solution Perhaps? - Posted by Russ Whitney GP

Posted by Russ Whitney GP on June 10, 2001 at 09:09:08:

We are not in any way shape or form trying to win any converts. We participate where we can help and we do not allow mudslingers to take shots at our good name or reputation with unsubstantiated gossip.

Protecting our good name with the truth and substantiated facts is not being insulting. If you are so sensitive, then why are you corresponding with us?

We’ll try to pay the light bill without your business this month. It will be a stretch, but we’ll sure try.

Russ Whitney Companies

What does your program offer? - Posted by suzie

Posted by suzie on June 21, 2001 at 18:57:19:

I am a young woman with bad credit, how would I fit in your program? How can it help me & my future with real estate?