Spitting on the job site - Posted by Edwin

Posted by Edwin on March 14, 2007 at 01:01:13:

I recently hired a guy to do some drywall repair work for me in a vacant
house. One day I was there with him when I noticed him spitting onto the
living room floor (hardwood). He did this several times, so it wasn’t just an
accident. It grossed me out so I asked him to do his spitting outside if he
had to spit. He said “okay,” but casually remarked, “hey, it’s only water. It will

Has anyone else run into this strange and gross behavior by any other
tradespeople/workers? Incidentally, before I hired this guy I had another
"handyman" come over to give me a bid. He spit on my laundry room floor
while he was there. Gross!!! And no, I didn’t hire him after viewing that
display of uncouthness.