So what about building codes...? - Posted by Rob

Posted by Darrell on June 18, 2008 at 16:57:54:

I am a wantabe that has been reading posts for several months on this site. I live in Lyon County Nevada. About 5-6 months ago Lyon County passed mobile/manufactured home regulations and codes that seem to be a lot different then most of you have described on this site. As an example, if a MH is vacant for six months the electricity can’t be turned on until the MH is brought up to 2008 Lyon Co. codes; depending on the age of the MH you have to apply for a variance from the County Comm. before you can do any work on the MH; after work is completed you have to get a certificate of occupancy from state to be able to live in (rent, lease or sell it). All MH, except in parks & ag. use, after purchase have to be converted to real property. Lyon Co. has many MH just sitting empty most on land it seems because of these regulations. Thanks for letting me post, I enjoy CREOnline.

So what about building codes…? - Posted by Rob

Posted by Rob on June 17, 2008 at 17:07:50:

I have found a nice used doublewide I want to put it on a foundation on a lot I have, problem is it was built to code 10 yrs ago, codes are much tougher now, how do I get a permit, it’ll never pass? Are these used mobiles useless now if you want to put them on a foundation and sell them conventionally?

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Posted by Tony Colella on June 17, 2008 at 18:08:49:

Not sure what you are talking about. Unless your area is unique, a 10 year old double wide should have no problem passing codes, but of course you need to check.

The code changes I run into when moving homes is typically upgrading the exterior pole for the 200 amp electrical service. This is a problem from the land, not the home.

Deck codes may change but there isn’t much they can do to change plumbing really. So where are you running into code changes?

Are you hearing this directly from the code office or from some other source. Always verify your source info as I find it is most often highly incorrect.

I have moved and set up, inspected several doublewides recently that were that old or more without any problems beyond the above mentioned.


Re: So what about building codes…? - Posted by Rob

Posted by Rob on June 20, 2008 at 10:35:42:

The r value I am afraid will be a problem.