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Posted by ray@lcorn on October 24, 2000 at 08:42:05:


Check with the local zoning and planning department first thing. They will have the minimum standards for parks, and that will rule. Even if they don’t legislate space size, setback requirements will determine the minimums. In the rare case where there is no zoning, the minimum space size is controlled by the size of the homes to be accomodated and the relative appeal of the park. Realize that you are locking yourself out of future value by stacking homes in on top of each other.

I would not plat spaces less than 50x100, and would prefer 50x110. The reason is simple… the setbacks needed for manueverability and servicing are based on a 14 wide, though 16 wides are the new norm. A fifty foot wide space leaves 34’ for sideyards. Usually the home is placed so that the majority of that yard is on the front door side. If the space is less than 100’ deep, you will have a problem with setback from the street, and spacing from end to end. After deducting for streets and parking, this usually yields about six to seven spaces per acre, unless doublewides are used.

I would be certain to talk to the local planning folks about the flood plain as well. You could have a situation where the existing homes cannot be replaced. Better to know now than later.

Also be sure to check water usage. Old parks are notorious for leaking water systems.


size of lots - Posted by Dee-Texas

Posted by Dee-Texas on October 24, 2000 at 07:28:04:

Hell All,
I’ve been down with a sick computer!!! Going into withdrawal not being able ot access this site. Computer isn’t totally well yet, but we’re working on it.
I’ve found another MHP in a town 25 miles away, it has 23 lots some with 220\110 and some with only 110, Hubby and I are going over with an electricain and see how much it will cost to upgrade all of the sites that need upgrading. It’s in a 20 year flood plan but has never flooded as long as the old-timers can remember. Lots and Lots of beautiful pecan trees BUT I know that having too many trees will make it hard to move in mobiles. Can anyone tell me what the space size should be on a park. I will put 14x80, etc in there and hoping that I can use two lots for the bigger ones, but I don’t know how much space I would really need.
Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.