Settlement - Posted by Daniel

Posted by Karl (Oh) on November 15, 2000 at 24:43:34:


I’m not sure if it should be done differently in Fla, but here’s how I do it in Ohio. When the seller is all moved out and ready to turn over the home, I exchange cash for the notarized title, and I write “Paid in full” on my copy of the purchase agreement, and have the seller initial it. With a notarized title in my hand, I’m positive I’m the new owner, no matter what the seller may claim down the road. I run to the BMV and have the home retitled in my name right away, and its a done deal.

But that’s in Ohio.

Karl Kleiner

Settlement - Posted by Daniel

Posted by Daniel on November 15, 2000 at 24:24:20:

Just signed a Purchase Agreement for $2,000 on a MH here. I gave them a $50 deposit, and we are to settle on November 30, once they close on their new condo. One question…don’t I need another document in addition to the Purchase Agmt for settlement day? I see the Sales Agmt in the DOW book, but it appears to be structured for when I sell a MH, not when someone is selling a MH to me. I’m not comfortable giving the $1950 I owe, with us only having a signed Purchase Agmt that says I still owe $1950. Am I missing a Bill of Sale contract somewhere?
Daniel (FL)