selling notes - Posted by mark stowers

Posted by Tim (Atlanta) on December 05, 2000 at 07:09:22:

You didn’t say what kind of seasoning is on these notes. If they have a good 12 month payment history, you could sell the notes to a bank, or an institutional investor. If they are not seasoned, then you would be looking at a much larger discount. One thing you might try is to post the notes for sale on Americas Note Network. They have a ton of note buyers. Maybe one of them might be interested. You can list your note for free at

The problem I see is the location of the collateral. No one would want to take a trip to Alaska just to repo a mobile home. That would make it a very expensive repossession. Perhaps you could sell a partial on the note? If you would guarantee payment on the partial, I know of some people that would be interested.

Hope this helps.

selling notes - Posted by mark stowers

Posted by mark stowers on December 05, 2000 at 01:40:49:

I am interested in selling some notes on mobile homes in alaska. the homes are located in a park in wasilla. does anyone have any leads…sincerely, mark