seller's agent fiduciary responsability - Posted by lucian

Posted by River City on September 12, 2003 at 07:59:50:

No one else has responded, so I am going to respond with my gut feeling. No buyer’s agent, no fee for buyer’s agent. You can go directly to the seller of the property. Who would you pay the fee to if there is no buyer’s agent? What does the seller’s agent expect you to do? Pick a name out of the air?

Now, if you first saw the property using a buyer’s agent, then yes, you would owe the fee. Most agents maintain records of every property they show and to whom they showed it. So, don’t think you can get away with not paying the buyer’s agent, if this is the case (please don’t take this statement as an accusation).

seller’s agent fiduciary responsability - Posted by lucian

Posted by lucian on September 05, 2003 at 21:46:13:

Saw this house 4 days on the market. I have no agent and wanted to make an offer the same day. I am familiar with real estate contracts and I told the seller’s agent that I want the seller to have the buyer’s agent comission, as I represent myself. The seller’s agent refuses to let the seller know about this and insists that another agent should get the commision. Is this legal? What can I do.