Seeking Invetment Partner(s) Joint Venture - Posted by Anthony S. Valukis

Posted by Anthony S. Valukis on November 22, 1998 at 12:07:20:


I’m seeking investment partner(s) to assist me with the purchasing of investment properties, (single family homes) here on Long Island, New York. I am willing to do all the leg work in finding the properties, doing the renovations if needed, finding tennants/future buyers, maintaining the properties etc. However, I require financial assistance, and assistance in putting together the deals. I’m hard working, honest, and anxious to learn. Is there anyone out there interested in helping me get started? I’m sure, some of you, possibly, may have in this same position at one point in time. Can anyone help? Please e-mail me at:

Thanking you in advance.
Anthony Valukis

Thanking you in advance.