Seeking Advice! - Posted by DJ

Posted by JPiper on November 25, 1998 at 11:32:42:


Rather than to come up with a preconceived notion as to how YOU want to buy these properties, I would sit down with the two sellers (separately) and discuss their situation with them. While a lease/option may work for you, it may be that there is some other alternative that would work better for them, and still work well for you. You’ll never know until you talk with them.

The goal of this conversation should be to ask questions, listen. Right now it’s impossible to tell whether there’s anything to do here or not. And you have created a difficult situation for yourself if you have decided that you WANT the property to live on…you don’t have the precondition that must exist before you can create a truly great deal for you, that being detachment.

Naturally, if one of the sellers agrees to something that makes sense, you should tie it up subject to obtaining the other property. Then talk with the other party.

Talk to these people at length. Question them. Don’t be in a hurry. Talking in person is better. Listen. Repost when you have more details such as values, what the sellers need, etc.


Seeking Advice! - Posted by DJ

Posted by DJ on November 24, 1998 at 12:13:52:

I recently ran across what could be a sweet deal, if I can arrange the offer to my advantage. Of course, after my wife saw it, she wants it for ourselves! It’s a Brick ranch, built in 1965,(when they built 'em right!), approx.1950sf, on 1.25acres. I own a construction business, and have alot of equipment, not to mention, I must build another workshop. Not enough acreage! Fortunately there just happens to be a 4.56 acre tract adjoining the lot with the house on it. The house and the land have two different owners. I am trying to work out a lease option on the house, and would like to do the same on the land, until we can secure financing. The land is owned by 4 elderly brothers & sisters, (heirs of estate settlement). The house is owned by an elderly widow. The house is no good to me without the land, and the land is no good to me without the house!
How can I structure an attractive offer to both parties
that would sew up a deal? Any advice is appreciated!
P.S. I have not made an offer to either party yet!