Scouting around Seattle - Posted by Dale

Posted by Scott(WA) on November 27, 2000 at 04:49:59:

Dale, I am something of a newbie and don’t know how much specific help I could be to you, but I am located in the south end (Des Moines area). If nothing else we might be able to bounce ideas off each other? If this is of interest to you send me an email and we’ll get in touch!

Scouting around Seattle - Posted by Dale

Posted by Dale on November 24, 2000 at 12:11:47:

Hi All,

I’m looking for a Creative REI Senior in the Seattle area who would be happy to take on a Scout. I’m reasonably familiar with lease/options, wrapping and flipping and I would appreciate the learning opportunity.

Alternatively, if anyone has any other ideas on how I can meet people in the creative REI community in my area then please offer your thoughts.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday,