Scam Alert - Posted by Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne on December 18, 2000 at 15:36:45:

Make that three emails I’ve received.




I crave your indulgence after a long but a

conscious approach with due respect and humility

over this mutual transaction that will be of

immense benefit to you and I. Which I firmly

believe that this letter may come to you as

surprise since we have not establish any formal

contacts with each other prior to this message.

I am Mr. Marthins A. Greg, Sierra Leonine by

Nationality, the former sole signatory to my

country?s prestigious Gold and Diamond Mining

Corporation under the tenure of the ousted

Military Leader Major Johnny Paul Koroma. I was

forced into exile after the execution of my Boss

and 23 other top Government officials who served

in Major Johnny Paul Koroma?s Government for

allege misappropriation and embezzlement of

Government funds. Check front page of herald

international tribune published with New York

Times and Washington Post Express on Tuesday 20th

October for further reconfirmation. I arrived our

Neighbouring Country Côte-d?Ivoire through

diplomatic means with the total sum of ($ 47 M)

Forty Seven Million Dollars that was realised

from the Black Market Sales of Diamonds and

Alluvial Gold dust.

My decision in contacting you arise after my

failed bid with a German based Business ( Mr.

Hakki Cakmakli) of Rubin Export Import Gmbh, we

had plans on investing in a joint venture

lucrative production business in Turkey.

Beneficiary Bank Account N° (10-295-52-9011) Hypo

Lands bank, Swift Code. Hypo at 2x (Austria) and

leictensteinche lands bank (Switzerland) Account

N° (193-323-53) swift code, lilali 2x.

Thereby making things extremely difficult for me

after disappearance of the sum ($27.4 M) Twenty

Seven Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars Cash.

He helped in transferring into his two different

banks accounts through the Ivorian Prime Apex

Bank (BIAO Bank) under the beneficiary name of

(Mr. BRIDJI Dakoury Richard) account N°

228/34/3435722 E. All the information?s are

correct and open for reconfirmation as contained.

That is why I am contacting you to solicit your

assistance in moving out the remaining said

amount into your country because of the political

atmosphere for the investment purpose.

Meanwhile, I have agreed to compensate you with

26% of the value of the sum in recognition of

your effort in making the transaction successful.

We have set aside 5% of total value of the sum

for re-imbursement of any incurred expenses in

the course of pursuing the transfer, ?Like

Communication Expenses, Hotel Accommodation

expenses, travelling expenses? immediately the

fund arrive in your suspense account. Upon your

request, I will fax you the following documents.

Ownership certificate of deposit and agreement

letter with the security company, Drug and money

laundering free certificate, no criminal asset

free certificate and other vital

documents. ?Looking forward to your anticipated

and unflinching corporation?.

Scam Alert - Posted by Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne on December 18, 2000 at 15:32:06:

This is the second time I’ve received an email of this nature. I wanted to bring it to light just in case others are receiving the same. This is obviously a scam.

Dear Investor,

After going through the net this morning I fell like
discussing investment business with you.

I am a retired army officer (Brig. General) here in
Nigeria. I have been trying to locate a honest
investor outside Africa where I can invest my fund
securely. I was in charge of the Nigerian Army Supply
and Transport during the regime of the late Gen Sani

Infact, I have reasonable fund that we both can invest
in your state and with your esteemed experience in
homes we can do better in the future. I am writing you
this letter hoping you will keep this anticipating
investment a confidencial. If you are interested reply
me as soon as you are through. For main time I am in
Ghana W/Africa.

Re: Scam Alert - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on December 19, 2000 at 16:11:08:

Jeanne-Yep, this scam is a classic that will probably be around for a long time-even though as mentioned below it was featured on 60 Minutes sometime back.

A good site that keeps track of multiple types of scams to check out is below. The scam you mentioned is so popular they have a link for it on the left of the page(Nigerian Fee).

Re: Scam Alert - Posted by John(KS)

Posted by John(KS) on December 19, 2000 at 08:12:42:

Jeanne …
I get at least one of these letters by fax or e-mail every week. They started in the early 80’s, and became so popular (or unpopular) that 60 Minutes had a segment on this scam about a year ago. I just fax each letter/fax/e-mail to the FBI office (Squad 11) in Kansas City (Fax 816-512-8545) at their request.

An old, old scam that’s still around - Posted by keithk2

Posted by keithk2 on December 18, 2000 at 22:30:06:

I first heard about this scam back in the 80’s when people were getting letters from someone claiming to be a Nigerian governmental official looking for people who would allow the Nigerian government to use their checking or savings accounts to hold several million dollars in Nigerian government funds to do “confidential government business”.

A large fee was promised and a few copies of official looking government documents were included.

Once the hapless victim responded and provided the scammers with his account numbers, his account was promptly cleaned out.

Just “shows to go ya’” everything old is new again eventually.


Re: Scam Alert - Posted by Jim Locker

Posted by Jim Locker on December 18, 2000 at 15:46:49:

Yeah, those scams have been floating around the net for awhile. I get them here every now and then.

Just don’t respond. Certainly don’t give them an account number.