Rust stains on MHomes - Posted by Doris Shanks - Va.

Posted by dewCO on June 20, 2001 at 16:41:16:

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Rust stains on MHomes - Posted by Doris Shanks - Va.

Posted by Doris Shanks - Va. on June 19, 2001 at 15:10:00:

I posted a reply to Chuckb re: painting a mobile home and removing stains. It turns out that his rust stains were actually live active rust spots which could not be removed by pressure washing.

After consulting with a friend who is a park manager and investor, I have the solution which might interest anyone here that has a rust problem.

Pressure spray the house and roof first and let dry.

Go to Home Depot or any good paint supplier and ask for a gallon of OSPHO. It should be about $20.00.

Pour the green liquid into a small hand sprayer and apply directly to the active rust areas. It should turn the rust black and arrest or stop the growth of the rust. It kills it.

Most of the chemical action takes place in the first twelve hours but you must leave it on for two days without rainfall. After that you can seal the roof.

If you have active rust areas on the sidewall, spray them as well. After two days you can begin painting.

I hope this answers your question.