Russ Whitney vs. Carleton Sheets - Posted by Robin

Posted by Tarun on December 08, 1998 at 21:00:59:

I feel that russ whitney’s building wealth system is good if you are willing to spend the big bucks for it. I purchased his books and tapes. Then I went to of his really expensive bootcamps. The information I learnt was well worth it. I haven’t been succeful yet in purchasing any deals, but you have to remember not to give up and keep trying until you succeed. Hard work and diligence pays off. I am also considering going through russ whitneys mentoring programe where one of his successful associates actually flies to your city and spends four days with you. I know of someone who went through his mentoring program 2 months ago and have purchased about four properties since then in the Baltimore area. My advise is that don’t give up and keep trying. It will eventually pay off.

Russ Whitney vs. Carleton Sheets - Posted by Robin

Posted by Robin on November 29, 1998 at 21:54:21:

I’ve read so many messages about Carleton Sheets but just a couple about Russ Whitney. Is anyone familiar with the Whitney program? I have read his book and found it quite educational. I am interested in anyone’s opinion of or experience with Mr. Whitney’s program. How does it compare to Carleton Sheets? Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, I really appreciate it. Robin

Re: Russ Whitney vs. Carleton Sheets - Posted by Matthew Chan

Posted by Matthew Chan on December 07, 1998 at 11:15:52:

Having purchased both programs, I have found both to be very beneficial. Russ comes from a VERY humble background and has made it. Much of his advice seems to come from the “school of hard knocks” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I don’t thing you have to make a choice necessarily because I think both of them have good advice to offer.

Russ Whitney does promote other “addons” which I have no interest in. If I can’t do it myself, then forget it.