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russ whitney - Posted by mmmmark

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sorry if i’m dragging up the same stupid question…but i just want to know if russ whitney’s infomercial program is worth the money - is it useful, practical information that i can put to work? and is it anything more than i can get out of a typical “how to be a real estate investor” book? i’m not looking for a magical money-making system - just want a straight-forward practical plan…

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Posted by John from Dayton on October 29, 1998 at 09:14:31:

I spent a fortune with Russ Whitney and bought almost everthing he had for sale at a seminar in San Diego last October including the mentoring training from Utah that he is associated with (or owns I’m not sure). I’m sure all the information he gives you is out there and I’m sure with perseverance you can get it but I think any of his (or anyone else’s programs for that matter) do a couple of things.

  1. If you buy them, you show your commitment to your family, friends and most importantly to yourself to break out of your comfort zone and get going with a new and exciting business.
  2. If you learn just one concept from the training without losing months of time and untold money doing it yourself wrong first, you just paid for all the programs you bought.

Although I was not happy with Russ’s customer service, I still think I’d buy the programs again just because whether coincidence or not I’ve had a very good year in my first full year of real estate investing part-time. Who can say where I’d be without the seminars I’ve attended and books and tapes etc. I’ve purchased. I’m sure I learned a bunch of short cuts from all the folks whose courses I bought and listened to.

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Just finished one of his books, Pretty good the beauty was I pulled it off the shelves of our local library for free.
Try his free stuff first to see if your personalities mesh

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Well, put. I think we agree with 'most everything you said and you said it well.