Roofing Question - Posted by Jimbob

Posted by Bud Branstetter on October 15, 1998 at 12:26:22:

Three tab singles are running about $20/square materials. Labor for tear off depends on how many layers. Typical $10-20. Labor on new singles $20-40/square. Depends on time of year, steepness of roof, reliability.

Ask you insurance company what they are paying on claims. Have them check it, there may have been hail damage. Even on a new purchase the prior insurance may have some liablity.

Why not replace the whole roof? The only time it is advisable to do part of a roof is at the end of the tax year when you do the first half and expense it. Then in January you do the other half and expense it.

In my younger(dumber) days I hired a crew and acted as foreman to do several houses I had. In effect I worked for whatever wages a foreman would get. It’s just not worth it. I now use a company called Mexican Roofing. They take care of everything and $20/square less than their competitors.

Roofing Question - Posted by Jimbob

Posted by Jimbob on October 15, 1998 at 10:05:34:

I was wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark estimate on what I can expect to pay for hiring a contractor to repair a portion of a roof on one of my rentals?

The plywood underneath needs to be replaced, about (2) 4x8 sheets, and then I need to have the comp shingles replaced, about 5 squares or (500 square feet), any type of a figure will help.