Results of realtor poll - Posted by red baron

Posted by red baron on October 09, 1998 at 12:11:45:

I was curious about the responses I would get to my
question that was posed yesterday. I have just
tabulated the responses as of a few minutes ago.
Out of 18 responses that I counted, results were;

a. YES. 7 have been realtors

b. NO . 3 were definite no’s

c. ALMOST 1 was “almost” a realtor (not sure what that

d. YES & NO, 1 was a yes and no.(can’t quite figure
that one either).

e. OFF SUBJECT 6 were o.t.s. responses.

I find it interesting that for a board where there was
so much “realtor bashing” yesterday, that the majority
of these responses have been realtors at one time or

My 2 cents worth. FWIW

e. OFF THE SUBJECT, 6 were o.t.s. responses