Recommendation for Newbies - Posted by Randy JoinerGA

Posted by Randy JoinerGA on June 21, 2001 at 21:00:08:

At the risk of clogging up the “archive search” even more, I am going to make a recommendation. I just did a search on “business card” and got well over 100 “hits”, probably closer to 150. Now yes I did find the information I was looking for, but I found so much more.

I then thought to myself of how many times I had done the same thing in the past, i.e. search for one thing, and then spend 30 minutes to an hour reading some of the other post and their related threads. Some of which are not too closely related to the original subject. Man have I found some gems doing this.

So you other Newbies…want to learn something…then in addition to reading the How-To Articles and the other stuff in the menu over on the left side, try doing some searches in the archives. I guarantee you WILL be surprised at what all you will find.

This site, provided by J.P., is a Course in itself.