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Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on December 17, 2001 at 23:31:35:


Sorry, I have no experience or knowledge of this operation or the person who signs as “Bob Peterson.”

Usually I can find out something of use with the resources I have available. I tried a couple of things and find nothing to report.

What I tried.

I looked up the address as given in the advertisement. I find no such address in the property roll from the assessor’s office for the county, Placer, in which the cited address is supposed to be. The roll I use is one year old. So, if there is such an address, the property is less than one year old.

I find no properties owned in Placer county by somebody with the name Bob Peterson, the name on the website, nor Robert Peterson. Again, the assessment roll is one year old.

I wonder if this person does own property or not? Possibly not in his/her name. Or is the name a phony?

I searched the current “Powerfinder” CD phonedisk from Info USA for a person with the name Bob Peterson and find nobody in Placer County with that name. There are eight Robert Petersons in the county, none of whose addresses are in the town given on the website. Searching by the two telephone numbers given on the website, I find no listed telephone numbers in the phone disk.

Also, there is no phone listed in the western US phone disk under the name Real Estate Investment Forum.

I can say nothing about the quality of the educational materials that you might get on that site. Maybe somebody else can help you with that.

However, I worry when I can not find information about a person. And somebody who claims expertise in real estate education would, I would expect, own real estate. However, perhaps not in his/her own name.

So, at this point there is no verification that such an organization exists. There is no verification such a person exists. There is no evidence that can be easily found that confirms that this is a legimate business. But recognize that a lack of confirmation is not the same as a disconfirmation.

I would suggest that the information that the website advertises as available there can be easily found for free in most public libraries, either on the shelves or through inter-library loan. This CREONLINE.COM forum and other real estate question and answer forums on the internet offer free advise and tutoring.

So, I wonder what purpose it would serve to pay $60 for an unknown source of real estate investment advice which is probably conveniently available for free. I don’t think I would do so.

Good Investing**************Ron Starr****************

Real Estate Investment Forum - Posted by cal

Posted by cal on December 17, 2001 at 13:40:19:

Has anyone had experience with this Forum? They are at Apparently, it is designed to educate beginner investors through online material for a fee of $60. I searched the archives for info, but came up with nothing.