real estate boundry - Posted by Gary Henderson

Posted by Long Beach Ed on September 27, 2002 at 19:39:45:


I’m no attorney but I spent many years as a land surveyor. The question you have is very state specific, but it is one that can probably be best addressed by the surveyor who measured the adjacent property.

This may be difficult to believe, but the precision and accuracy of boundary lines is a rather local affair. Some areas are so loosely described in their deeds that the surveyor has lots of discression in where he interperts the line to be. In other places, as in most city lots, the lines are accurate to the 100th of an inch.

You are in a rural area, one where perhaps only one surveyor owns records for the community. His career is based on solving problems such as yours.

If there are laws concerning adverse possession, the surveyor would know them as they affect many of the maps he draws. And if he’s any good, he’ll know when and where you should go to find competant legal help should your problem require that.

The surveyors I’ve known are a pretty good bunch, who welcome visitors with problems such as yours. Most love to share the knowlege they have in this specialized field.

Give the guy, or his predecessor, a call. And if he helps you and refuses to take any money, buy lunch for the office.


real estate boundry - Posted by Gary Henderson

Posted by Gary Henderson on September 26, 2002 at 19:10:27:

My fater in law has owned his property for 42 years in a rural area. the property next door was sold and a survey was performed which did not follow the old fence line which was accepted as the roperty boundry from the time of purchase some 42 years ago. a second survey was performed from a different starting point and yet another set of bondry marekers were set. is there a law in the state of indiana or federal that states if the property line has been agreed to for a certain time then this is indeed the boundry. we are talking about some 100 acres involved.

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if a landlord uses some of his rental earnings on other
things not related to fixing up the properties,how should this be reported to the irs?