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Posted by Karl (Oh) on April 02, 2002 at 11:52:43:

I?ve never bought a doublewide, only because a good opportunity hasn?t ever presented itself. There?s always doublewides for sale, but it seems there?s always better deals to be had on singlewides. The vast majority of the homes in the parks I work are singles. But if the deal was right on a double, I?d do it.

One advantage of the singlewide is that they?re easy and cheap to move, compared to a double. The first deal I did I got kicked out of the park, and had to move my home. Another investor in my area was working in one park and wasn?t getting along with the PM. He had four singlewides in a row. One day his mover showed up, and they pulled all four homes to another park. That solved his problem with the PM.

Search the archives on how to approach a PM. We?ve had a lot of discussion on that topic, with a lot of differing opinions. I would doubt that the average PM would know what a Lonnie Deal was by that name. None of the PM?s in my area did. And don?t assume that someone is already doing deals in the parks you go to. This concept is not that well known out there. If you conduct your business with honesty and integrity, and develop a reputation as being trustworthy, you?ll have an advantage over most of the other players in the used mobile home business. That will help bring in referrals.

Finish the book and then apply it.

Karl Kleiner

Reading DOW…and… - Posted by mk

Posted by mk on April 02, 2002 at 08:17:44:

Got my copy of DOW and read couple of chapters…and BOY Am I EXCITED!!! Was up all night on a weekday…

Couple of quick Q:

1)Stay with Single wides-Good suggestion. But are there any double wides that are 10-20 yrs old that can be bought at lonnie prices. ALL u guys deal with Single wides only???

  1. How do we explain PM in good friendly terminology as what we do. First few pages of DOW do mention it. I would like to know from you guys how you explain.( I am sure if I tell them I am going to do a lonnie deal they would know :))

  2. When we approach PMs, I am sure they might be already dealing with other people doing lonnie deals or otherwise. What would make them bring referals to me ?

Well if the answers are there in later chapters of DOW, Don’t bother to write long answers, I guess I am just getting impatient.