RE-LEVELING COSTS? - Posted by Andy-OH

Posted by Bill on April 17, 2001 at 21:48:20:

The cost depends on the problem ,the frame may be bent,the two halfs may not be tied togather right,the pad may have settled,frost heave may have made it rise or sink,it might not have been set right to begin with.Your best bet have someone give you an estimate. Hope this helps.

RE-LEVELING COSTS? - Posted by Andy-OH

Posted by Andy-OH on April 17, 2001 at 14:01:53:

It appears as though a double-wide I just picked up could use a bit of re-leveling. There’s been a slight shift underneath and I want to get it back to level before I resell. I’ve isolated the problem to one corner, but from here, I’d rather opt for a professional touch rather than trust myself.

Anyone have an idea what this may cost? And I’m thinking a mover would handle this sort of thing as a “side job”…right? Again, just guessing, but I don’t think my car jack and 2 foot aluminum level are going to do the trick…

Hey Karl - you were right when you said, “You guys are really going to dig this business!”

Thanks for any bits of wisdom!

Re: RE-LEVELING COSTS? - Posted by Little Falls Home Repair

Posted by Little Falls Home Repair on April 23, 2001 at 09:43:09:


This would depend on where you live. Double-Wide home usually start at around $450.00 to have re-leveled, them figure on $15.00 for each additional blocks sets that you may need. Look for a Mobile Home Repair Sepcialist. Today it’s hard to locate good repair companies. By the way, where you located at? I may be able to help you. Do you have more repair question? stop by and visit us at Mark or John will be glad to help you. We also sell mobile home parts.

Good luck.