Re: Hassles by Realtor posted by Eric on 12/16/98 - Posted by Doris - Va.

Posted by Doris - Va. on December 17, 1998 at 15:54:03:

You’re scaring me now!! All this time I have been gearing myself up to take the plunge and find my first deal. I have no money and I’m working hard to build my credit back after a business bankruptcy three years ago. I have convinced myself after reading the books and studying this site that I could do a deal with no money down and no credit. Now after reading these posts about having to qualify and do a financial disclosure - I wonder if I have been kidding myself. Which is it? Why do some people seem to do it with no money and no credit and others say you have to have it??? Please help me to get on the right track here. Thanks. Doris-Va.