RE Agents/ I could use your advice. - Posted by Bec

Posted by Charles on May 17, 2001 at 11:45:08:

Hi Bec,

I am a real estate agent in FL and you are right it is different than the typical employer/emplyee relationship. You will be an independent contractor and will be asked to sign a statement to that effect.

Where I am the brokers are constantly looking for agents even if they are not advertising. Just call some brokers that interest you and make an appointment. Keep in mind that while the broker is interviewing you, you are interviewing him. Have a list of questions and don’t be shy about asking them and noting the answers. Meet with several to get a comparison.

Some questions that would interest me would be:

What is the split? Is it graduated?

Are there any fees beyond the split such as desk fee, ad fee, franchise fee, etc.

What does the company pay for - do they pay for my adds either totally or in proportion to the split? Same for mls fees?

How are referals handled? How are incoming calls handled?

Am I required to sit up time? Caravan? (You may want to do these things, especially in the begining, but you don’t want to have to do them. In theory, as an independent contractor, he can’t tell you to do them, but that is in theory).

May I see the policy manual? (The broker may not want to show you this until you actual join because of proprietary reasons).

Is there a minimum production required?

Definately tell him you plan on investing and make sure there is nothing in his attitude or company policy that would prevent or impede it. (Any agent selling his own house must list it …).

I hope this helps. Good luck.


RE Agents/ I could use your advice. - Posted by Bec

Posted by Bec on May 16, 2001 at 21:20:44:


Bec here. If you have experience being a real estate agent/broker and you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts with me, I would very much appreciate it.

I got my RE sales license last December but have not yet used it. This was before I began studying my brains out about Creative Real Estate Investing.
I have about 3 weeks left at my current job and have decided because of various reasons that my best road into Real Estate investing is to begin as an ‘agent’. And It seems to me that creative agents are pretty hard to come by!

I’m just not quite sure the best approach to getting in with an agency that is not advertising an open position.
The small town I live in…I see maybe one ad every 3 months…

Tell me, please, from your experience(s), what is the very best way to present myself to an agency??

  1. A Resume and cover letter sent with a telephone followup?
  2. Show up, Resume in hand…Ask for the Broker in Charge?
  3. Telephone the agency and ask for an appointment?

Seems to me that the Agent/Agency relationship is quite different than employee/employer…or is it???

Another question…Is it wise to mention that I have been studying Creative Real Estate Investing? From what I’ve been reading not many agencies encourage it.

Thanks for your time ~