Quicken vs. Money... - Posted by JGoodsen

Posted by DanT on June 17, 2001 at 16:24:09:

We use Quicken for household budget and for the rentals. It has a section for rental property. We use Quickbooks for our Maintenance Business. We like Quicken and run 5 check books with it. DanT

Quicken vs. Money… - Posted by JGoodsen

Posted by JGoodsen on June 17, 2001 at 12:36:56:

Need to start using one or the other to track household finances. I use Quickbooks for the business, so I thought I ought to stay with Intuit and go get Quicken. Spoke with someone else the other day and they suggested Money from Microsoft was a much better option.

Opinions anyone?

Re: Quicken vs. Money… - Posted by Nate(DC)

Posted by Nate(DC) on June 18, 2001 at 09:24:35:

I have used both, and I personally prefer Money, but if you have Quickbooks it would probably be worth it to use Quicken for ease of information sharing. With the recent updated versions of the last 2 years, the differences between Money and Quicken are getting so small as to be barely noticable…