Question about Personal Coach - Posted by Chic

Posted by Stepho on October 07, 2001 at 23:42:33:

When I joined they told me the price was going up…but they also told me it was an exclusive program (it’s not) 3 weeks after I found the info and joined on my own I rec’d a letter from them suggesting I join…LOL So far it’s shakey at 2500.00, I would never pay 3200 for what I have rec’d. In retrospect I doubt I would pay the 2500. But I had made over 10 offers before I joined…

If you are the type of persone that cannot review the numbers and make a quick decision then coaching may be just what you need!!!

Otherwise -
Read the original materials thoroughly and just start looking for houses, ask the “template” questions to find qualified buyers and start making offers… If you have any questions about how to apply what you read, ask it at

Question about Personal Coach - Posted by Chic

Posted by Chic on September 20, 2001 at 02:16:26:

How does the personal coach program work? What is the cost? I am new to Carleton’s program and recently received a call about getting a personal coach. Any info on this would be appreciated.

Re: Question about Personal Coach - Posted by Stepho

Posted by Stepho on September 26, 2001 at 24:56:42:

Personal coaching is about 2,500…at first it doesn’t seem that useful, then you start applying what you have learned…
the coaching program does guarantee (you have to do the work) that you will purchase at least 1 property with no money down. the guarantee is only that they will stick with you until you do buy one for no money down.

It is like any school, you are required to reach goals and do homework every week. there are no excuses when using the personal coach, they hold you very responsible to accomplish your weeks tasks.

as I get into the second part of the coaching program I feel I’m starting to get what I paid for… If they keep me from making one mistake, it’ll be well worth the 2,500 I paid up front…

It also depends on the coach, some people I’ve talked to on the coaching lines are to self absorbed to be much help. there are definately a few to stay away from, ones I would recommend are Larry and Robin.

If you aren’t willing to seriously commit yourself to at least 15 hrs a week working in the program then I don’t recommend it.

Also personal coaching is just a re-hash of the materials in the original course, but you are coached through it and they will provide insights as you start making offers, again 1 single mistake could cost alot more than the 2,500…

I’m about 10 weeks into the coaching program and expect, that when it’s over I’ll have better feel for my satisfaction level…

I really do like having somebody help me work through the process.

Re: Question about Personal Coach - Posted by Louis DiNafo

Posted by Louis DiNafo on October 07, 2001 at 22:30:24:

I was just contacted about a personal coach. The price quoted to me was $3200.00 Seems pretty high compared to what you paid. Is the price negotiable? Is it really worth that much money,