Purchase of real estate through tax lein - Posted by JohnW

Posted by Ronald * Starr on June 19, 2001 at 15:46:39:

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Sure, several of them. I can not recommend any with huge enthusiam. However, if you got John Beck’s “Free and Clear,” you’d do pretty well. There is one version sold on CREONLINE.COM . There is a version sold via infomercials. I bought the latter by running “john beck” search through the archives here (either main or Carlton Sheets, I forget which). I got several phone numbers to order and the second worked well. I got the package. I like that it covers the whole of the USA and Canada. It has typographical and other errors, but a lot of information for the price.

Roy Stubblefield runs a website dealing with tax sales. Search for his name on the internet. He also sells books on tax liens and tax sales. He sells separate books for each state. They tend to repeat some information. They have the delinquent tax sale laws of the state. Beck’s material has a reference to those laws on the internet for every state.

I understand that “The 16% Solution” by Moskowitz is a decent book, though I have not read it. You might put his name into a search of the CREONLINE.COM archives and see what you get.

If you were interested in just CA, I have a small book on the tax sales here.

There are several other books which you might run across. They tend to deal with just one state: AZ, CO, FL. Beck has some older single volumes for AZ,IA, OK, TX, WY–I don’t know if he still sells them. He has an internet site which you should be able to find by searching for his name on the internet.

I just got back from buying houses at the OK 2001 tax resales. There are houses just sitting on the street waiting for schrewd investors to pick up. Well, next to the street, and “buy,” as you are unlikely to pick them up.

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Purchase of real estate through tax lein - Posted by JohnW

Posted by JohnW on June 19, 2001 at 14:36:02:

Is there a book or website offering information on how to purchase property through tax lein? I realize the laws differ by state. I appreciate any help. Thanks