Posted by Frank Chin on September 10, 2003 at 05:39:12:


If the building shifted as you stated, then you can call the Buildings Department to investigate, and they can issue a “stop work” order.

The problem here is depending on the level of danger, they can also issue an emergency vacate order, and order your tenant to leave. Do you want to take the chance??

Then again, if the structure collapses, and someone is injured or killed, do you want the responsibility.

You can sue later or whatever depending on the Building’s Department Investigation. BTW, every building site has emergency numbers to call including that of the Buildings Dept.

Frank Chin


Posted by Izzy on September 10, 2003 at 01:53:30:

i’m having a problem, my lawyer is not able to help me, he says he has no clue about this type of thing.

I own a house in bedstuy, brooklyn.

next door there is an empty residential lot.

I got a call a few weeks back, from a construction contractor…

he asked me if he could go onto my property to “secure” it so that it would not possibly collapse during construction. i gave him my contractor’s number and told him that i would need his approval to allow such a thing.

my contractor met him and told him that he could do whatever he wanted on the OUTSIDE of the prop (being that the new house would be attached to mine), but that he could not do anything in my property.

I came to my property last wek, and saw that the contractor had ripped open my walls and cieling, put in have wooden beams acroos and along the entire wall, and shifted my house slighty, so that the floor on the second floor is no longer level.

I asked my tenant why she had allowed this, and she answered me " the man said that he had spoken to you and that you gave your OK".

what do I do? get a stop order on his construcion? sue him?

please provide any relevant help, or what I did wrong…

Thanks so much!!