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Posted by Brandi Bernazzani on March 28, 2001 at 15:42:39:


I saw your posting and wanted to send you an ad I am placing around San Francisco. I am a 30 year old woman in software sales and I make a good living and have saved money, however, finding a place in the city that I like in the 300-400K range is quite difficult. Actually I have found a new development that I would like to buy into. It is in a great location of San Francisco, and the layout is terrific. This is a desireable neighborhood, becoming even more desireable for the younger crowd around the city. However, I have picked the most beautiful unit and it is still available, but I need an investor/partner to work with. I haven’t worked out all the details but in order to get this place I want to make sure it is a good deal for both of us and we both stand to profit…please let me know if you or your friends are interested and we can discuss details further over the phone.

I am looking for an investor for a loft I would like to buy. I have not worked out all the details but I know there are probably many people who would like to be an equity only investor, investing their money for a percentage of the profit, without having to manage the property, and still being able to right off the investment. Please, serious inquiries only. The loft I am looking at is brand new in an excellent location. It will be able to be resold at a later date for a significant profit. I would like to live in it and the other owner and I would either sell it together at a later date or give eachother the option of a buy out should the time come for that. Please contact me via e-mail if this appeals to you from an investment standpoint. Thanks,
Brandi Bernazzani

private investors - Posted by BJA

Posted by BJA on March 28, 2001 at 01:25:57:

Hello everyone,

I am a personal trainer in NYC and have a few well-financed clients who are looking for other investment vehicles, namely real estate.

Since neither I nor my partner have any experience so far with REI(our credit is great, though), we are unsure how to structure the deals. Does anyone have any experience using private money to finance deals? If so, what types of deals make the best investments for all involved?

My first thought would be to look for deals in which the seller needed all cash and approach them for a 25% discount for an all cash deal. Then refinance to pull the 75% out(cash). If this is a good idea, when is the earliest that I can refinance and get the original cash out of the property?

If this isn’t the best deal to do, perhaps forclosures, REO’s, etc?

I guess what I’m looking for is something relatively simple which could be reproduced on a larger scale as the track record grows.

Thanks for all help! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Posted by Crystal Cox on September 02, 2001 at 18:44:52:

There are many great investment opportunities in Northwest MOntana. THe area is positioning itself for an economic boom. Please email me for further information.

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Posted by ddm on March 28, 2001 at 18:49:56:

Hello sir I live in Nc. and I am needing an investor to do some very creative deals email me if interested. Believe me it is worthy finding out about.