Private and Hard Money Lenders - Posted by Nathan

Posted by Sean on May 12, 2003 at 09:37:43:


My experience with a 400 you are going to have trouble even with HMLs. Get your credit up to 550-600 and you should be fine… Some might work with 500… 400, my experience is gonna have a hard time with any formal HML… you might find a private person who might work with you, but you’ll have to really hunt for em.

Private and Hard Money Lenders - Posted by Nathan

Posted by Nathan on May 09, 2003 at 05:46:52:

I’m new to Real Estate Investing and am looking at doing rehabs in the Kansas City, MO area. I don’t have the best of credit as my score is about 400 due to a recent divorce. I really don’t want to wait till I’m able to improve my credit score to invest in real estate. I’m currently working on improving it but that will take some time. I have been looking at properties and am eager to begin making offers. But before I get into that I would like to know if thier are any hard money or private lenders that would lend on the ARV of a property instead of the borrowers credit score if they have a financial gain in the property by taking a note or deed at the time of purchase until the loan is paid back when the property sells after it has been rehabbed or by simply taking a percentage of the profits after the loan is repaid? If anyone knows of any hard money lenders or private investors that don’t check credit please let me know. You can email responses to

Thanks in advance