Possible helpful Website...(not competitive) - Posted by Dick (OH)

Posted by Kevin OK on May 21, 2002 at 16:29:10:

I enjoyed the site…thanks for sharing it. I really found the vintage homes photo gallery a lot of fun to look through!!

Kevin OK

Possible helpful Website…(not competitive) - Posted by Dick (OH)

Posted by Dick (OH) on May 20, 2002 at 18:54:48:

Found this site about 11 pages deep doing a “mobile home investing” search.
General info, but useful. (to a newbie like me)
Good MH Inspection Checklist (don’t know that it is great, but was the first one I have found).


Atlas Mobile Home Directory
Table of Contents

State Directory of Associations
Financing Mobile Homes
Insurance Tips
Home Warranties
Mobile Home Book Store
Bricking a Mobile Home
Identifying a Mobile Home
Factory Building Process
Illustrated Home Set-up
Home Set-up on Stilts
Remodeling a Mobile Home
Stucco Upgrade
Questions Asked & Answered

…for what it is worth
Best to you in all you do! Dick (OH)