Owners of Vacant Homes - Posted by Chris Winder

Posted by Hugh James on October 28, 1999 at 07:55:17:

Have a look at Joe Kaiser’s Abandoned Property course. We got it a few weeks ago, and while we have not actually done a deal as a result, it’s a lot of fun, the soft ware is great (even though my HP printer has been less than enthusiastic about it) and Joe gives a good overview in exactly how to approach these sellers. And yes, I got it here. It’s fairly priced, and a good value for the money.

And, as long as I’m cheerleading for the Kaiser-man, I may as well offer a plug for the foreclosure course. I got it maybe two years ago or so, right after Joe first started publishing it. Still have it, still refer to it now and then, and it honestly started my son and I in the foreclosure business. Donald Trump we’re not, but we do three or four foreclosures a year almost all of which we buy and hold. We’re not that agressive, so we want a home run when we get involved in these. How much is that worth? Well, as Lonnie says, is “good 'nuff.”

Owners of Vacant Homes - Posted by Chris Winder

Posted by Chris Winder on October 27, 1999 at 21:01:24:

I am interested in buying vacant, run-down homes. Once I locate the owner, how do I approach him or her? I am bran new at this and was wondering what approach or line of questioning I should use when talking to these owners to try and purchase their homes. I don’t want to come off too strong and lose the potential opportunity. Any suggestions would be appreciated.