No Qualifying - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Ronald * Starr on July 12, 2001 at 22:01:30:


You might want to clarify your post. It is perhaps a little too short. As I read it, it sound as though you are living in two different houses now. Confusing to me.

Also, without knowing what resources you have, it is hard to make suggestions which might benefit you. Maybe somebody else reading would benefit from the ideas, but how can we be sure we are helping you?

Suggested information to add: your cash position, your job/income situation, people who know and trust you that might loan you money, other assets you already own, such as real estate, financial investments, collectibles, etc. Your credit situation. You experience fixing up properties. How much time you have available to fix them up and thus how long it might take you to finish them up (or finish one up, anyway).

Then there is information about the properties that would be helpful. Their market values, current and as fixed up. The prices, especially in relation to market values. What your intent would be with the properties, hold as rentals or quick resale? For how much money might they rent? If you are planning on a quick resale, how strong is the sales market where these houses are?

Do you see how different answers to questions like these could lead to different suggestions? How the specifics of the situation might make some possibilities feasible but foreclose others?

Good Investing and Good ThinkingRon Starr***

No Qualifying - Posted by Anthony

Posted by Anthony on July 12, 2001 at 18:44:52:

I have two neighbors that are selling their houses with no qualifying the first one with $7995 down, at 995 per mth, and the second at $9995 down, due to an investement I am currently working on, how do I go about getting the money to procure these house’s since I am tapped out. They need to be rehabbed and I live in the second(its bigger than the one I am in now), can someone lead me in the right direction?