New to the industry!?!?!? - Posted by CParrrish

Posted by Scott (AZ) on July 07, 2001 at 22:09:08:

Take two months, read every post on this message board, read all of the How-To Articles (, all of the Money-Making Ideas (, all of the Legal Corner articles ( and join a local real estate club (

Your knowledge regarding real estate will be greatly increased after doing this.


New to the industry!?!?!? - Posted by CParrrish

Posted by CParrrish on July 07, 2001 at 14:53:48:

Hi All,
I am new to this message board and hoped that someone may be able to give me some advice. I came across the CRE website and am interested in possibly getting into the real estate investiment industry. I have dreamed of a career where I am able to set MY OWN schedule and still be able to earn enough $ to be comfortable. Could anyone tell me how you went about getting started?? What are all the adds about getting into a property with no money down?? Is this really possible? Do you have to “rehab” most of the properties that you invest in? Do you rent most of them out or purchase them from a bank (forclosure situation) and then turn around and sell them?? As you can tell I have a ton of questions. I am NOT afraid of hard work - especially if it is working for myself!! Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks and have a great day!!