New to note buying- ad's in the newspaper ? - Posted by David Hasselberg

Posted by David Butler on December 18, 2000 at 19:23:10:

Hello David,

Well hey… a subject close to my heart - and thanks to the wild ride and subsequent meltdown on Wall Street (excepting the REIT sector ;-)), there’s a whole lot of folks that are coming back to familiar turf!

And you picked a great time to come into the field (take a look at my montly PROFIT ROCKET reports on our discussion board at:
to get a little better look at why!).

Couple of things to consider… marketing for the notes is the most difficult area in the note business. Certainly, unless you are going full time, you should consider looking at anything that comes your way, regardless of whether it is broker-presented or otherwise. So long as it meets your yield requirements and risk rating, you don’t care - right?

Second, as any astute investor knows, the ultimate key to success in any investment endeavor is, “KNOW WHAT YOU INVEST IN”. So, you are definitely going to need to dedicate yourself to get very well grounded in the note investing business. Fortunately, there is both a ton of FREE information on that subject, and also some very low cost materials that can quickly bring you up to speed - right here on this website.

You will also want to have a thorough look at America’s Note Network’s website and extensive Library of FREE reports and articles, at:

We do have a couple of timely reports that should be very helpful for you in terms of getting a feel for what you need to know, and what kind of yields you can generally expect. Take a look at the reply I made to Randy’s post, TO MANY CHOICES, (dated September 27) to get a road map for quickly and inexpensively educating yourself to be a knowledgable note investor, at:

Also, have a look at the report, NOTE GRADING/PRICING GUIDELINES, which covers a lot of the particulars for evaluating the paper you look at, and what the general yield spreads are based on the property and note grade, at:

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for our latest report, USING DUE DILIGENCE TO CONTROL YOUR DEALS, due out in our next issue of ANN Update, our FREE bimonthy Ezine, at:

That should give you a great head start on enjoyable holiday reading, eh? (better than eating fruitcake at least).

Hope this helps, and best wishes for your success!

David P. Butler

New to note buying- ad’s in the newspaper ? - Posted by David Hasselberg

Posted by David Hasselberg on December 18, 2000 at 07:57:24:

I have looked into buying some real estate contracts through a local investing group . They offer contracts around 10% to 12% and service these and back up the payments. If I want to do the same thing on my own do I just put a ad in the paper?. I have $150,000 to invest . I know that is not the most but I want to get the most pop without going in to the stock market . Thanks Dave