New CRE group So. Cal? - Posted by Stan F.

Posted by Glen SoCal on January 22, 2003 at 01:54:22:

Stan F,

I want to second your opinion about the REICLA. I never joined, but paid $20.00 when I had a chance to attend…now $25.00.

What I attended weren’t what I’d consider meetings…it was more like a boiler room. I hasten to add that I enjoyed the sales pitches I heard as I gathered info about the evening Guru’s/speaker’s products. But I always felt like I got fleeced

“Why was I paying someone to give me their sales pitch?”

Maybe I should have mingled more afterwards.

I understand that the San Diego club has a real estate library that includes many references for members to check out. I haven’t attended one of their meetings, but it does appear to be more of a ‘club’.

If you hear any more about the San Fernando Valley club, please keep me posted. I’d join if it appeared to be beneficial to do so.

Thanks, Glen

New CRE group So. Cal? - Posted by Stan F.

Posted by Stan F. on January 21, 2003 at 13:33:00:

I understand that there is new real estate investor group forming in Los Angeles on the San Fernando Valley area.

If you hae any info, date place etc, please share it.

I usually attend the Culver City group but that group is getting annoying. The moderator of the group has problems moderating and is very poorly organized. She adds very little to the mix.

Every so often she copies some article and emails it out. However she never adds any wisdom or observations. Furthermore she uses some freeby email distibuton system with annoying advertisments, this despite the fact that membership runs over $200 per year!

I’m ready for a change, it can’t be worse than what’s out there now!