Need opinions on problems with MHP - Posted by Trish

Posted by Chuck (AZ) on July 18, 2001 at 18:34:19:

Ok… small problems first.

You can STILL cover the gas issue, without having lines and meters installed.


Natural Gas appliances can be converted… runs $30-50 bucks per home average, call around. You might be able to strike a deal with a propane supplier for a reduced rate in return for exclusive rights to the park (selling point alert!!!). You can require that the tanks be hidden behind a lattice, to keep the appearance level up.

Remember the RV park I told you about… that’s how we handled it.

See… told you that was simple.


Now as to the water issue…

Is the current entrance into the park the ONLY way in? Does the water line HAVE to come in that way? IS there another way to do this?

This SHOULD have been worked out prior to the sale, and I suspect prior to P&Z approval. Either someone’s slipped up (which means you get a HUGE break on the purchase price), or your not getting all the facts.

Be the windshield, not the bug.

Need opinions on problems with MHP - Posted by Trish

Posted by Trish on July 18, 2001 at 17:29:38:

Hey guys,

Well, I spent all day in meetings with city people…man what a chore, all the men wanted to do was gab, all the women wanted to do was send me to someone else to get the answers I wanted…though the person they sent me to only wanted to send me back to them. No one had some of the answers I needed. This is scary.

Anyway, I talked to city inspector…great guy, very helpful, very excited about the park. Says everything is in order with the city and P&Z, next step is a plat drawn up by an engineer. I have tons of questions so he tells me who to get answers from but this is budget meeting day so most were in meetings. I did meet with the fire marshal…great guy, helpful, talked forever…I didn’t sleep last night so was yawning as he spoke (felt bad about that but after 2 hours sitting…well, I just couldn’t help it).

Anyway, I found a catch…the city won’t pay to have water lines run to this property, even though there are houses past it on this dead end street, there are no fire hydrants down there. The closest one is on the next corner in the other direction. Well, I need fire hydrants. So, city will only pay for first 100 feet, and according to the sellers proposal, that leaves me with 900 feet to pay for, plus city (I suspect) will make me pay for hydrants too.

I wanted your opinions on this. No, I don’t have costs yet, was listening to fire marshall and yawning instead of being on the phone. But he was helpful and offered to meet me anytime, anywhere to help get this going, as I said, he was helpful. It’s nice to have the city people on your side.

Second question…I have the option of making this an all-electric park (no gas and no gas meters to put in)…but will that exclude too many potential residents? How do you weigh whether it’s worth the investment? What do you think? And how do I get stats on how many homes are sold with gas appliances vs. all electric?

While we are talking about stats…how do I get stats on MH’s sold in this area (specifically) within the last couple of years? (Preferably a month by month breakdown.) I’ve found some stats but they cover the whole “south”, not specifically my area.

That’s all I can think of at the moment…my brain is fried thinking about sewer lines, roads, water mains, etc…guess maybe I’ll sleep tonight, though I may be counting fire hydrants instead of sheep.