Need help for letter to trustee - Posted by Ramon

Posted by don, sdca on August 30, 1999 at 13:24:07:


I think what Joe Kaiser says is correct about its not so important what you say - just get something in their hands expressing your interest in the property and contact information.

“I saw your house on ____ and was wondering if you were interested in selling it …”

No real magic here - maybe you could also call them with the same words.

don, sdca

Need help for letter to trustee - Posted by Ramon

Posted by Ramon on August 29, 1999 at 17:45:24:

While I was driving in a very nice neighborhood, I noticed a house that looked abandoned. The yard was unkempt, paint was peeling off, and a small portion of the roof visible from the street has collapsed. Thinking that there could be some $$ made here, I got a title search and comps done. I found that the house was in the name of a trustee under a family exempt trust. The mailing address was a P.O. box in another city, so there is probably no one living in the house. There are no loans (since 1966) and therefore no notices of default or notices of trustee sales. Property taxes are current although when the last tax payments were made, there was a garbage lien and a water lien included as special assessments. The payments also included some penalties. I live in Northern California so the comps came in pretty high, $340k - $755k.

I’d like to get some suggestions regarding how I should approach this. When I write a letter to the trustee, how should I word the letter? Would appreciate any help from the fine folks in this discussion group.