Need Contract For my Private Cash Investor - Posted by M Lee

Posted by Trish on December 07, 2002 at 21:53:30:


I am no pro at protecting interest, or negotiating a place in a deal - heck I haven’t even DONE a deal yet - so take this advice or leave it.

What kind of relationship do you have with this rehabber? What kind of work have you put in on this deal? Have you talked about doing the deal together, and what you can bring to the table, maybe some legwork? Should you sign an agreement stating your position in this deal, or future deals? If you dont trust one or the other, do you WANT to work with them?

In order to continue to work deals with the two of them, or even both of them in separate scenarios, you might try to think of some ways you can be of such value to them that it will be more beneficial to keep you around then to not. Do you have any incentive to give them to continue to work with you? This is only my opinion, but, a contact is a contact. Alot of people have connected me with others and expected nothing in return.

As far as the future, look at it from their perspective, what would be most beneficial to them. If someone partnered you with money, how long would it take for that person to be a burden, unless he brought some real value to the deals. Do you keep in regular contact with these two? Do you continually seek to help them make their job easier?

P.S. Hopefully my response can help or at least stimulate some other response that will be useful to you.

Need Contract For my Private Cash Investor - Posted by M Lee

Posted by M Lee on December 06, 2002 at 24:12:15:

HI there,

I need help- I am working with an Rehab investor who needs $900k Acquistion and Rehab Money to finish a condo conversion, that when finished will sell for $1.4. In Talking to him, I told him I know of someone who could provide the financing.

I don’t mind bringing them together and receiving a equity position in this deal-

My Only concern is to be able to remain involved with my Cash Investor and my Rehab Investor, and not let these investors use me for the contact, and try to cut me out of future deals.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to work an agreement with both investors to protect my interest, and to continue to profit from the fact I am bringing the two investors together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


M Lee