Need advice... - Posted by Lara

Posted by Helper on June 22, 2004 at 18:23:45:

I belive it is not the amt that houses are worth, it is how much you can get out of the deal.

I started out with less than nothing and I have learned that your words are just as rich sometimes with the right person. I also belive that the area that you are explaining might be alot esier to manage.


Need advice… - Posted by Lara

Posted by Lara on June 22, 2004 at 13:07:50:

Hi all! I am just starting out, and I wanted just talk with some investors that started out from nothing (like I am) and make it. I don’t have much credit or much hard $$. I am wanting to do some flips or rehabs, but am having a hard time getting started. Nice older homes, 3/2/2, 1800 sf, go for $80k-100K in my town. Now the smaller 2/1 cpt go for $40K-60K here, tops. Prices aren’t that high, which means profits will be less. Does anyone else work with these kinds of numbers in their towns? Thanks for the read!