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Posted by Patrick on November 05, 2005 at 15:16:14:

I saw the same commercial on Cox cable in S. Orange County and got the same result from their web site. What’s going on? Are these guys legit? I would have thought that Cox would have at least checked out the web site in their ad before airing it.

Patrick ??? - Posted by doh

Posted by doh on September 04, 2005 at 03:02:40:

What’s the deal with this company EQUIFY INC? I saw their ad on TV (cable, so
it could have been a local ad superimposed on the national network) and they
implied they can do no-docs with 500 FICO. I originally went to EQUIFY.COM
and found it is domain-jacked…then went to my notes from the TV
commercial and saw they advertised MyEQUIFY.COM…head over there and
see a strangely generic website with less info than the TV commercial.
Suspicious, I searched the Internet for any info on them…nothing, nada, zip.
Pulled up the ownership records for MyEQUIFY.COM and discovered it’s
owned by some man with an e-mail address and a first name of
“Ali”. Ok, this could still be legit though…so I head up to the Secretary of
State website and plunk all of the various company names you see on into their business search pages and only one of them comes
up (EQUIFY INC.) That might be sufficient if they also have “dbas” filed (which
I didn’t bother with) and the start date of the business coincides with the
beginning of the website…so it’s off to the Department of Corporations
website to see if they have a license…nothing comes up. Head over to the
Department of Real Estate Licenses site and…it’s late at night over the holiday
weekend and their site is puking ORACLE (database) errors. Okey dokey. I
know the street address of their company in Irvine is a group of small offices
over by the airport and maybe they are brokers (and don’t need a lender’s
license)…or maybe the Department of Corporations stie was returning
nothing because it is broken too. The big question here is…has anyone ever
heard of Equify … Inc.?