"must be moved" mobile homes - Posted by Scott (OR)

Posted by Dirk Roach on November 25, 1998 at 02:02:30:

Hi Scott,
From reading your post above I can only conlcude that your thinking about developing a mobile home park. I have talked to a few people who are doing that. They seem to think that it is a great opprotunity. And It could be. But I know that there are probably a whole lot of really expensive asspects to doing that. I do not know what say a sewer system for a hundred pad park would run, but I bet it isn’t real cheap. Also roads and the foundations your talking about putting in.
Anyhow like I said I know of a couple of people who are doing this.
The other school of thought on developing parks which I have heard is basically it is easier and cheaper to find existing parks with problems that you can solve. Buy them and rehab them (the park is what I refering to).
Me I’m just out looking for small Lonnie type deals. I haven’t personelly been involved in anything like what you are talking about. I don’t know who is right on their opinions on this subject either.
I do know (after talking to a few MH Movers here in San Diego) that your looking at at least 2k to 3.5k for moving a MH! Of course in your market those numbers could change.
my 2 cents,

“must be moved” mobile homes - Posted by Scott (OR)

Posted by Scott (OR) on November 23, 1998 at 21:51:54:

Searching through the four main newspapers in my city that include mobile homes, a thought occured to me. Why is it that there are very few mobile homes for sale under 7k, except for the ones that have to be moved? Furthermore, what happens to all those homes when potential buyers discover parks will not accept anything older than 1990?
Suppose a person was to buy/zone a peace of land, install plumbing, electricity, and put in foundations for the homes to sit on. What would that cost and would it be profitable in the long run? I suppose in the future you could upgrade in the same fashion that current parks are operationg.
Anyway, just a thought and comments are appreciated.
Scott (OR)

Re: “must be moved” mobile homes - Posted by charles (delaware)

Posted by charles (delaware) on November 29, 1998 at 11:22:50:

It is a big deal to develop a mobile home park. I am looking at doing a 40 unit park here in delaware on some rare land I own that is zoned for mobile homes that will allow older homes and singlewides. We are looking at construction costs of $8500 per lot for the water, sewer, roads, etc. In other words, don’t get in over your head in a $300,000 plus development if you are not experienced or have done your homework.

I have not done any Lonnie deals but I am looking to ASAP. Find out if some of the homes “that must be moved” can stay in the park if they are improved (ask the manager). Also look into older parks that sell the individual lots to see if you can package an older moved home with the lot either to be sold or leased.

I believe there are opportunities with the homes which must be moved but you have to be careful.

Re: “must be moved” mobile homes - Posted by SRH (CA)

Posted by SRH (CA) on November 25, 1998 at 02:51:42:

I don’t know if you are wanting to do individual lots or a park. Lonnie has info. avail. on park developing, and Dirk has good advice too.

If you are looking into single mobiles on single lots, I had been checking into putting a doublewide on a private lot in my area (Northern CA). Most of the land around here would not even allow a mobile on it, just a modular, and it even had to be 5 years old or newer - even in the smaller outlying cities. (They used to, but now they can be picky because there is a lot of developing being done here.) There were some properties were it was possible, but it was pretty far out in the country, and was too far of a commute for us - and most of the market we would be looking to re-sell to. Also, with septic, power, road construction, etc. it would have cost us more out of pocket to do this, than to get into a SFH.

Look at older posts on this site. Search under “mobile or mobiles”. There were some previous comments on this very subject, and all the hidden costs and pitfalls of moving mobiles. I have followed their advice, and decided not to even mess with it until I’ve become more experienced. If you do decide to gather more info., the county would be the one to tell you if mobiles would be allowed and what age requirements there are.

I hope this helps. Good luck!