Mr Alcorn I wish to talk to you, its urgent! - Posted by Paul Watson

Posted by Paul Watson on December 24, 2003 at 14:38:44:

Mr Alcorn,

This is Paul Watson. This is my second message to you. Its regarding a deal on a 200 unit motel Iam planning to buy. I was talking to Mr Garcia about financing the deal. He directed me to contact to you, and check if the deal conforms to the “due diligence” list, you would provide me. I want your advise on this and I need it urgently. Its a deal which makes sound investment sense, I dont want to slip the offer off my hands. Please respond as soon as possible. I will be glad if you could call me up on my cell phone and dictate me what i should be doing to analyse the deal.

You can call me anytime on my cell 615-631-5562.

Paul Watson
Cell: 615-631-5562