Motivated Sellers? - Posted by Mark Schenkman

Posted by Rob FL on January 03, 1999 at 11:35:46:

Most states require realtors to state they are realtors in their advertising. I would dare to so about 70% of the properties I have bought have been without a realtor (sad to say since I am a realtor). Here is a list of things to look for: classified ads, drive-by road or yard signs (ie For Sale By Owner), abandonned properties (high weeds), empty properties (the telltale sign is no curtains or blinds in the windows), tired landlords, foreclosures, probate, etc. Get the picture.

Hope that helps.

Motivated Sellers? - Posted by Mark Schenkman

Posted by Mark Schenkman on January 03, 1999 at 11:02:57:

I just started CS course, and I keep hearing him and all of you talking about dealing with the seller. It seems like the only people I ever deal with is a broker and never talk directly to the seller. Where are you looking for ads of homes for sale that you can speak directly to the seller? I have been looking through various home buying magazines because the newspaper in my area has so few homes for sale in it. I dont at this point have a relationship with any one broker, enough to ask for a copy of the MLS.

Unsure where to look??