More than one ad??? - Posted by John STL

Posted by John STL on February 06, 2001 at 22:46:50:

I really appreciate the advice Darrell. Do you find newspaper advertising to be very effective? Where are you located? I’m in the St. Louis area and their are quite a few ads. I know their are many other avenues of advertising but newspapers seem to be a pretty good idea. Again thanks for the help!

More than one ad??? - Posted by John STL

Posted by John STL on February 06, 2001 at 18:59:19:

I’ve read in several posts that you shouldn’t answer your phone and let it go to voicemail and then return the call.
I realize the importance of staying in control. If you’re using newspaper advertising and their are a couple of other people advertising to buy homes next to your ad, what should you do? Would you then answer your phone??

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: More than one ad??? - Posted by Darrell

Posted by Darrell on February 06, 2001 at 21:38:50:

If you don’t have an incredible call volume to “worry” about (we should all be so lucky) I think it’s best to answer the phone personally. Yes, you want to be in control. So take control immediately. A lot of callers ask me how exactly I buy homes…in other words they start the conversation off with a question…turn it right back on them with a questions of your own. Ask them if they are selling a property and then get them to tell you about their situation…stay in control. Chances are your competition isn’t answering the phone personally (try calling your competition to see what you get) and often callers won’t bother to leave a message: they’ll keep calling ads until they get a voice. This gives you the edge. If you don’t have a cell phone, get one so calls can be forwrded to you. Try to answer the phone at all times, even when it’s inconvenient. Maybe you can’t talk to the seller at length but at least get their number and say you’ll call them back as soon as you pull of the road or get some place you can talk. For me it seems the best calls come at the most inconvenient time…but I always try to answer and it has paid off! Good luck!