Mobile home park for sale - Posted by David Saucer

Posted by patricia moore on August 13, 2005 at 12:57:50:

hello I am looking for a double wide moblie home that I can rent for me and my two daughters in the prince federick area of maryland or down near that area if you can be of any help please give me a call at work 301 513-9442 or on my cell 301 996-4251 thanks alot looking to move anytime after the 5th of Sept. thanks

Mobile home park for sale - Posted by David Saucer

Posted by David Saucer on January 29, 2002 at 17:46:43:

My name is David Saucer in Louisiana. I have always had an interest in owning an MHP. Even more now that I have read DOW. A small park has come across my desk and I need some advice. The property is in the city and is 2.44 acres with 2 trailers on the property. The owner said that 20 trailers would fit on the property. The property is nice but the electricity and water has only been run to the 2 existing trailers. It is on city water and sewer.

My question is 1. does it seem feasible to fit 20 trailers on 2.44 acres. 2. Is there a magic number to offer per lot space. 3. How much would the pros offer for the property knowing the trailer pads would have to be developed. Is the $5k,6k,7k per space available?

Thanks to everyone who will give me a little advice…


Re: Mobile home park for sale - Posted by Troy Brost

Posted by Troy Brost on January 30, 2004 at 22:27:19:

As a MHP developer and owner – you’d best have deep pockets in this day and age to develop a new MHP. In the state of Oregon, a maximum of 10 homes per acre may be placed (state rules vary). This is acceptable if you wish to build a community with back to back homesites with singlewide trailers – often not what the majority of consumers desire. In the state of Oregon permits, fees, system development charges, zoning issues, environmental and wetland issues make the land costs virtually prohibitive to develop – in addition to the overpriced land currently available. MHP development is an exciting venture, but make certain you do your math (feasibility study) beforehand. A few of my local rules of thumb: little money will be made by developing land with a purchase cost over $15,000 per acre (can’t find land at that price anyways); operation expenses will average 35%-40% of gross once established; and marketing of a new development can financially bleed you dry – you cannot depend on local MH Retailers to fill your community. Sorry the message is somber, but the reality is that poor lending practices during the late 90’s produced a glut of reposessed MHs throughout MH communities nationally (ie: 3 yr old MHs which sold new for $40k can be purchased for $10k-15k). Knowing such may create difficulties for you when you are ready to fill your new/vacant homesites. Good luck!

Re: Mobile home park for sale - Posted by Rob B

Posted by Rob B on January 29, 2002 at 21:45:14:

Hi, see under related links. There are a few good articles on # of homes per acre. I hope this helps, I’m not an expert, I only own one MH but several other rentals.